Festive ‘envelopes of love’ for Cookstown boy

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It’s a special Christmas for Cookstown boy Nathan Scott who has had a constant smile on his face as card after card dropped through his hall door.

More than 2,000 cards have arrived from all over the world since his mum, Daphney, posted his love for Christmas cards on social media last month.

Eleven-year-old Nathan, who has autism, grasps what’s going on in the world through pictures, social stories and the Makaton language programme.

Daphney, who cares for him full time, said his speech is limited, but he loves cards which he pours over time and again and remain displayed in the house for a long time.

Her appeal to make Nathan smile this Christmas appears to have struck a cord with many around the world.

“Nathan’s reaction has been priceless and we hope to have his vision wall created over the next few days,” explained Daphney.

“We actually have it started and it’s growing daily.His cards will be stored and brought out for many years to come.

“Never in our life have we seen a postman so often! Gary (the postman) has been blown away by the amount he has to drop off daily too and he has really joined in on the spirit of it all.”

Daphney said she and her husband, Kenny, have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness from all over the world.

“The cards - many still to be opened - have been arriving these past few weeks in bundles - each one referred to as an envelope of love for our boy.”

Festive greetings for Nathan have come from Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland as well as across the United Kingdom.