‘Frankenstorm’ causes havoc as fallen trees block Mid Ulster roads

Cookstown police deal with fallen tree
Cookstown police deal with fallen tree

A number of trees around Cookstown and Magherafelt fell victim to Storm Frank last night.

Police in Cookstown posted on their Facebook page that they were called out to deal with a number of incidents where the fallen trees had blocked roads.

It is understood there was a tree down near Tullywiggan Bridge that closed the Cookstown to Tullyhogue road for a time.

Police said: “Several Police crews are dealing with fallen trees over roads in the Cookstown and Magherafelt areas due to high winds.

“If you are out and about this evening please take care. DRD have been informed.”

One social media commentator jokingly remarked it was “a job for special BRANCH”.

Police are calling on motorists to be careful on Mid Ulster’s roads.

“Take extra care on the roads, take heed of any road signage and to refrain from driving through heavily flooded areas,” a spokesperson said.

“A number of motorists have required assistance from Emergency Services over the last few days after attempting to drive through floods and officers would advise drivers to turn back if a road looks impassable and to pay attention to road signs warning of possible disruption and diversions.”