Free Accredited Drugs Education Course in Mid-Ulster

MID Ulster based drugs education project TIPSA are organising an accredited substance abuse awareness course over three Saturdays in December.

The Open College Network Level 2 course will be free of charge to participants, and will give them the chance to look in more detail at alcohol and other substances as well as related issues.

The programme will be run in a Mid-Ulster venue, and in order to qualify to take part, individuals only need to be over 16 and to either live, work or go to school in Cookstown or Magherafelt council areas.

Participants will be asked to commit to volunteer for at least two of the Monday night drop-ins TIPSA will be running every Monday evening between January and March 2013 at different venues in the area.

This will provide some valuable experience to go alongside the qualification they can obtain.

TIPSA project co-ordinator Martin McCann states:

“We are running the course and the drop-ins as part of our 2012-13 Hidden Harm initiative, funded by the Public Health Agency, and it is a follow-up to 3 previously successful and similar initiatives.

“We recognise that many people are interested in the topics around drugs and alcohol, and we often get requests from people who want to volunteer with the project, so this is the next logical step.”

Martin emphasises that it is important to note spaces on the programme are limited to 10 places and anyone who wants to take part needs to register beforehand.

Registration can be done by contacting TIPSA directly on 028 8676 3388; by e-mail; direct messages on Twitter (@tipsamidulster) or private messages on Facebook.

The exact dates and venue will be provided to those who register and up to date information will be posted on the TIPSA website ( as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Anyone who is interested needs to contact TIPSA by Thursday 29th November.

TIPSA is funded by the Public Health Agency in support of the Northern Drugs & Alcohol Co-Ordination Team’s Action Plan.