Fresh country talent to perform at the Royal Hotel

Eddie Carey plays the Royal Hotel on Friday 10 February
Eddie Carey plays the Royal Hotel on Friday 10 February

EDDIE Carey is a young performer who always knew he would make a career in country music.

His everyday shy demeanor, is deftly shed to reveal a confident performer in complete control when he takes the stage.

If confidence and charisma were all he had, but when the music starts you’ll see his real strength is in his singing.

The versatility and warmth of his voice lends itself wonderfully to the wide range of songs he performs, whether it is his own material or any of the classics he covers from Buck Owens to Brad Paisley.

Born in 1990, Eddie is a native of Newcastle West, Co Limerick, where he and his family still live.  Its obvious enough that he comes from a musical background.

On long journeys between shows and downtime in the studio, you’re just as likely to hear a song spontaneously sung by father, Eddie Sr, as from Eddie himself; and its no mystery where the younger gets his voice.

When asked what age he was when he became aware of his interest in country music, Eddie says, “I started seriously listening to country music when I was really young.

“I was only about four or five years old.

“I listened to a little bit of everything, but I was really into the American country,” he says, citing George Jones, Gene Watson, and Tammy Wynette as influences. 

He played his first gig only a short while later when he was six. “It was for a local charity, and I was really scared”, he laughs.  “I sang ‘Two Pina Coladas’ by Garth Brooks”.  An interesting choice of songs for a young boy, and an ironic one as he chooses not to drink as an adult.

It didn’t take long for the heat of the limelight to ignite the desire in the aspiring artist.

Eddie admits that he began making preparations as early as 13 years old for a career in country music.

“I never had any serious interest in doing anything else, and I wanted to be out and performing as much as possible”.

And that is exactly what he has been busy doing these last few years, performing solo shows and concerts to much acclaim and building a name for himself on the irish country scene.  He was recently recognized as ‘Best Local Entertainer’ at this years (2010/2011) West Limerick 102FM Entertainment Awards, as well as ‘Best Country Newcomer’ by Irish Entertainment Awards, 2008.

More Recently, Eddie stepped off the stage and into the studio to record his first full length album, titled ‘The Last Time You Saw It’.

“I’m very happy with it”, he says simply. “It turned out great and I can’t wait to get out on the road performing the material with the band I’ve put together.

Recording an album is a necessity, but the studio lacks the warmth and audience feedback you get at a live performance. I feel most comfortable on stage.” 

You can catch this singer where he is most comfortable, on stage at the Royal Hotel, Cookstown on Friday 10 February.