Friend asked him to leave house and a struggle ensued

A two month prison term has been handed down to a Cookstown man who assaulted two police officers.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 7:29 am

The police reported how, on July 10th, they were tasked to an address in Cookstown where an altercation had broken out. Joseph Martin, 37, had been living with his friend but he had told him that he didn’t want him residing there anymore. The police observed Martin strike out at his friend.

A struggle ensued during which time Martin inflicted injuries to one police officer’s elbow and lip. Another constable had a cut to her arm and had her leg kicked.

“It appears that the defendant has been unwilling to discuss his mental health issues,” Mr Craig Patton, defending, told the court.

“He has been in custody since July and hasn’t been sectioned as he is assessed as not being a danger to himself or others.”

District Judge John Meehan imposed two month custodial sentences for the two offences which he ordered run concurrently.