Fuel Laundering plant dismantled in Coalisland

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A FUEL laundering plant, capable of producing around 1,000 litres of illegal fuel a week has been dismantled from a shed in the Coalisland area.

Three men were arrested, questioned an released on bail in connection with the investigation in which a pump, storage tanks and hoses were also found in a van and a scout car in the Lisburn area.

The vehicles were stopped by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and seized by HMRC officers on Tuesday 13 August.

John Whiting, Assistant Director Criminal Investigation, HMRC, said: “HMRC takes very seriously the unfair and illegal practice of selling laundered fuel. Its production and the waste products from the laundering process can cause considerable damage to the environment and creates an unfair playing field for legitimate businesses.

“Buying illicit fuel not only funds crime but supports and encourages these dangerous activities within our communities. The only winners are the criminals, who are profiting at the expense of honest businesses and endangering the future viability of our legitimate fuel retail service. I would urge anyone with information to contact our free telephone hotline on 0800 59 5000 and let us know of any suspicious activities or fuel misuse in their area.”