Gallery: Backlash to ‘I park like an idiot Magherafelt’

A FACEBOOK page shaming apparent errant parking by motorists in the Magherafelt area, has been branded as a form ‘personal harassment’.

‘I Park like an Idiot’ has attracted phenomenal interest, with over 5,400 likes on the page and hundreds of images of vehicles posted by members of the public which attract scathing comments from other online users.

Dodgy parking in Magherafelt?

Dodgy parking in Magherafelt?

However the Mid Ulster Mail has been contacted by a number of angry motorists, who claim they have been unfairly targeted by the site.

In a letter sent to the paper, one woman said the ‘parking idiots’ page is causing ‘great personal distress’ to members of the public.

“The page posted a photo of my car with a close up of my car registration plates accusing me of parking in a parent and child space in Tescos,” said the woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Apart from being wrong, the post is a gross invasion of my personal privacy and a form of personal harassment.

“As a mother of two I feel that the whole practice off posting these images could impact on my own and my family’s personal safety. At a time of personal family illness the page caused me further stress.”

She continues: “The page has become a forum for the petty minded and those who have obviously little better to do.

“Maybe they would be better taking photos of the boy racers who terrorise our car parks on a regular basis or the lorries who park in the town causing major traffic congestion. Leave the law abiding mums alone.”

In another complaint to the Mail, one man claimed some of the images had been taken by people who were driving and in breach of the law.

There have been no fresh posts from the administrator[s] of the ‘I park like and idiot’ page for more than a week.

The gallery shows some the images posted to site - the Mid Ulster Mail has obscured the vehicle registrations