Garth Brooks fans from across Mid Ulster react to concert cancellations

Garth Brooks speaking at his press conference in Nashville
Garth Brooks speaking at his press conference in Nashville

Dismayed and angry Garth Brooks fans have taken to social media sites to express their disappointment and anger at the cancellation of all five Garth Brooks Croke Park concerts.

A ‘crushed’ Mr Brooks confirmed last night after weeks of speculation and doubt over the concerts, that none of them would be going ahead in Dublin at the end of the month.

In a statement he said: ““I have just received the news the Irish council cannot change their earlier ruling to not allow the licenses for all five shows. To say I am crushed is an understatement.

“As hard as I try, I cannot see the light on this one. So it is with a broken heart, I announce the ticket refunds for the event will go as posted by TicketMaster.”

Distraught ticket holders vented their fury on Facebook and Twitter, some blaming Brooks himself while others blamed Dublin representatives for the saga that has made headlines around the world.

Here are some of your comments:

Hf Mccloy: “This is a shambles, not only for someone who was going to be going to the concert but also as someone providing services for concert goers. Promoter first and foremost to blame along with the act himself.”

Samantha Jarvis: “None of the tickets should have been sold before all permission required was given and for Dublin to turn away the money it would have brought it ridiculous.”

Tara McNabb: “Garth is to blame. It isn’t the Irish Governments fault, they’re just following the law, If they changed it for Garth then they would have to change it for everyone. Croke Park is a residential area and five dates in a row is too much for the people living there. The tickets shouldn’t have been sold, I feel that Garth Brooks and his people believed that the Irish Government wouldn’t say no, then when they did, he held them to ransom. Good on the government for not backing down. I was a Garth Brooks fan. Not anymore!”

Cathy Rogers: “I think it’s time to put this aside and move on. What difference does it make now deciding who is or was to blame as that doesn’t change anything. Let it go.”

Richard McKeown: “Garths fault as he should be doing the 3 anyway, they got the green light.”

Pamela Kelly: “I don’t know how/why tickets were sold for concert dates that were never confirmed! Both to blame!”