Garth Brooks’ fans in Mid Ulster vent their fury, others poke fun

The Garth Brooks' concert debacle
The Garth Brooks' concert debacle

There has been a huge backlash in Mid Ulster to the news that Garth Brooks has cancelled all five shows in Dublin.

Distraught ticket holders vented their fury on Facebook and Twitter, while many others poked fun at the debacle, which has hit the headlines around the world.

Here are some of your comments:

Samantha Jarvis: “Dublin council are a laughing stock everywhere now for a country in such a poor economic state to through away 50,000,000 euro in trade is stupid.”

Emma McMahon: “Gutted, cant believe it chic.”

Amanda Bingham: “We’ll save our money, bloody disaster if ever I heard one.”

Christine White Hamilton: “Gutted but fair play to him sticking by his word!! Dublin is a disgrace letting this happen.”

Lizzie Mc Cann: “This really tarnishes any view I ever had off Dublin and Croke park, to understand its nothing to do with garth fair play to him not picking dates over others.”

Georgina Mallon: “Totally disgraceful! Dublin doesn’t deserve the trade.”