Graeme on a mission to Kenya


THE assistant minister of Molesworth Presbyterian Church in Cookstown will be travelling to Kenya in June on a mission trip with the aim of spreading the word of God.

Graeme Orr, a former podiatrist in Cookstown, is heading to the Gil Gil region of Kenya, around 100 miles north of Nairobi, along with Ross Collins, an assistant minister at Joymount Presbyterian in Carrickfergus and Roland Watt, a second year student from Pomeroy who is training in the ministry.

The three will leave on June 9, spending two weeks visiting Rev George Ngatia, former Union College Belfast student who serves in the Gil Gil Parish of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. While there, they will also be ministering with local people and spreading the word of God.

Graeme first met Rev Ngatia in October 2010 at college during his final year studying for the Presbyterian ministry. At that time Rev Ngatia was completing a Master’s degree and Graeme became friends with him. They spent time together praying for the spiritual needs of both Kenya and Ireland.

Before Rev Ngatia left for Kenya, he extended an invitation to Graeme, Ross and Roland to come to Kenya to see at first hand his work in the parish of Gil Gil, a rural area comprising of 600 families in 12 churches.

This is Graeme’s first time travelling to Kenya and he told the MAIL he is looking forward to the mission trip which for the three, will be a new experience.

“We’ll be preaching at the Sunday services which are in both English and Swahili, during the first week, then we’ll be visiting people and preaching at open air services and Gospel meetings,” he said. “We want to be an encouragement to the church over there.”

The three men will be staying in tents for a few nights and Graeme said he has been assured there will be no lions in the vicinity!

A particular highlight will be a visit to the Masai Mara National Reserve, where, Graeme joked, they won’t mind seeing lions.

The trio will also visit Randalstown missionaries Gary and Mary Reid who live on the edge of Masai Mara, having established a mission station.

“We really want to raise awareness of the trip and in particular we want to thank people for their donations, all of which will go directly to George’s ministry,” said Graeme. “We raised £2000 and we’re pleased that this will go toward vital work.”

The three will also be bringing Bibles, books and knitted clothes for babies of families who are in need.

Finally, Graeme, Ross and Roland would appreciate the continued prayer of MAIL readers as they journey to Kenya to minister to the African people.