Graffiti artist rolls out series of characters on roadside hay bales in Tyrone

Hay bales turning heads in Fivemiletown
Hay bales turning heads in Fivemiletown

A pyramid of silage bales that have been transformed into a series of off-beat characters are catching the eye of passing motorists in Fivemiletown.

Graffiti artist Kev Largey painted the bales as part of the Sliabh Beagh Arts Project, which aims to bring the arts into rural communities.

And they have certainly done that.

He said drivers have been stopping to take pictures of the colourful characters, and that the reaction to the project has been very positive.

Funded by the EU Program for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland, Sliabh Beagh has hosted a number of arts projects in the area in a bid to form links across the border.

They have included performances, exhibitions and projects such as Kev’s.

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