Greenvale Leisure Centre Magherafelt.INMM4012-420SR
Greenvale Leisure Centre Magherafelt.INMM4012-420SR

‘LAZY’ motorists using the new Greenvale complex are making local householders lives a misery.

Residents living close to the Magherafelt leisure centre say ‘fitness fanatics’ would rather park on the footpaths than walk the short distance from the car park.

They told the MAIL that they want immediate action to stamp out inconsiderate parking in the Greenvale/Princess Terrace areas.

Local councillors say they are working to resolve the parking issues surrounding the leisure centre and nearby Sky Blues FC.

A spokesperson for the Greenvale/Princess Terrace residents claimed the situation has been ‘dreadful’ over the past week with cars parking on footpaths, driveways, with access to the estate seriously disrupted..

“We had to get the police down here one day last week the parking was so bad and they issued a few tickets,” said the spokesperson.

“The problem is people are too blooming lazy to drive round to the car park at the back of the centre. They seem to want to park as close as possible to the centre and run in.

“Saturday mornings are really bad with cars using the football ground. Things are that bad at times you can’t walk on the footpath.”

The spokesperson said the majority of people living in the Greenvale estate are senior citizens who might need an ambulance at any time.

“Getting in and out of the estate at times is next to impossible with the volume of traffic and the way some people park,” she added. “It’s not a new problem but has got worse now the centre has re-opened.”

SDLP Councillor Jim Campbell appealed to motorists to be mindful of parking when using the leisure facilities.

He said he has spoken to the police and the Sky Blues and had been assured of their co-operation in resolving the matter.

“The park at the back of the centre is often only half full and I would ask motorists to make use of it,” he said.

He was of the opinion that the parking problem would settle down once the centre has been operating for a time.

DUP Councillor Anne Forde also encouraged people to make full use of the parks available.

“I fully sympathise with the householders and believe the matter can be resolved with motorists showing a little more respect for the people living in the vicinty,” she added.