Group to plant tree in memory of lost loved ones

THE Mid Ulster Dementia Support Group will hold a special tree planting ceremony on April 4 at Ballyronan Marina at 2pm to remember past and present dementia sufferers.

Ann explained: “With the planting of this tree the roots symbolise the founding of the group back in 2005. These roots are now firmly planted in the community. The branches of the tree are the Dementia journey which sufferers and their carers are now travelling through and the buds of the tree are the new beginnings of new carers meeting with the group.”

Ann extended her thanks to First Housing Aid and Support Services for their help in recent times.

“We benefit greatly from advice and encouragement given by Mr Kevin Wright and the rest of the team at First Housing.

“They have actually approached a lot of trusts and businesses on our behalf for funding and it was through that contact that we were given the opportunity to do the bag pack in Tesco and the foyer collection in Asda. 

“We all appreciate the help and support that we receive from everyone at First Housing.”

The group’s fundraising efforts have provided financial support to carers requiring a break. There are still a number of Sitting Service Grants available for carers who fit the necessary criteria. The maximum grant available is £50 and it is limited to one grant per year.

Some carers who have already benefited from the grants spoke of their gratitude. In a simple but poignant statement one local man said: “This cheque will help me get someone in to sit with my wife. It is very stormy today. My wife can stay at home when I go out for some groceries. Thank you very much for this cheque.”