Hair removal horror attack at Cookstown Christmas lights switch-on

Hair removal attack
Hair removal attack

A Cookstown girl has been left partially bald after she was sprayed with hair removal cream at the Christmas lights switch on in Cookstown, it has been claimed.

The sister of the teenage girl, posted an image on Facebook showing a significant loss of hair, and said she had been left in tears and suffered verbal abuse after the attack on Thursday night.

“Just take a minute to look at this picture. Wouldn’t say I’m being dramatic,” the online post read.

“How do you think my sister feels, walking around school with a bald patch, losing her confidence day by day.

“Having people pointing their fingers at her, laughing at her. It’s embarrassing. Just let that sink in you t**ts.”

Dozens of people responded on Facebook, venting their disgust at the attack.

“Absolute disgrace... What goes around comes around... Keep your head high love.”

However, one reply read - “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! It grows back chill out , sh**s hilarious.”

In previous years, the annual switch on of the Christmas lights in Cookstown has been blighted by youths spraying shaving foam.