Handbrake turn in Magherafelt car park was ‘daft’

Magherafelt Courthouse.
Magherafelt Courthouse.

A motorist, who admitted to the judge that he was “daft” to have performed a handbrake turn in a Magherafelt car park, was fined £115 with three penalty points at the local Magistrates Court

Sean Wilson (28), Glenburn Park, Magherafelt, admitted driving without due care and attention at Union Road car park on December 1.

A prosecuting lawyer said police responded to a report from a member of public about a car doing a handbrake turn and from CCTV footage of the incident later spoke to the defendant.

Wilson, who was not professionally represented, said he had wanted to try a handbrake turn and did not think there was any danger.

District Judge Alan White told Wilson that his behaviour had been “daft”.

Wilson replied: “Very.”