Health campaigner Hugh McCloy to stand in Mid Ulster super council election

Hugh McCloy.mm13-354sr
Hugh McCloy.mm13-354sr

PROMINENT health campaigner Hugh McCloy will stand as a candidate in the Mid Ulster super-council election in May.

Mr McCloy who heads up the ‘Save the Mid’ campaign, which was started after the proposal to close the A&E unit in Magherafelt, says he has the “ability to hold government to account”.

“In the future when we see more cuts and changes in services do you want a politician who will bow down to health trusts and other boards like our previous councils did, or do you want someone you know and can trust in office represent your concerns and make sure your concerns are acted on,” said Mr McCloy.

“At the very basis of my campaign is health.

“We were robbed of our Maternity, A&E and acute services, now we are being robbed of our community and social care services, this reduction of health services must end, and it is quite clear that none of the previous councils or elected parties were willing to fight for residents in this area.”

He added; “I won’t have the ability like other parties to manipulate the voting process by standing many candidates to get a transfer vote and I won’t be playing up to tribal politics.

“The issues we face are very real and it will take new people in government to undo the harm that has been done in the past.”