Coagh couple’s first baby born in back seat of car

Coagh couple Sharon and Robert Ferguson with baby James
Coagh couple Sharon and Robert Ferguson with baby James

A Coagh couple got the surprise of their lives when their first born child just “popped out” in the back seat of their Ford Kuga, a mile before they reached the hospital.

Robert Ferguson was driving his 31-year-old wife Sharon to Craigavon Area Hospital, when he said her contractions “came faster and faster” and just four hours after going into labour, baby James arrived.

“He was born at 2.16pm to be exact,” said proud dad Robert. “We left the house about 1.50pm heading towards Craigavon and only got up the length of the M12 - We were a mile and a half away.

“She had phoned the hospital earlier, and they said to come down around that time,” he added.

“The contractions weren’t close enough... so we left it a while. But they got faster as we went in the road.

“He was out before I could get anything done - I got stopped just as he popped out.

After calling 999 to let them know what had happened, Sharon’s sister, who was following in a car with her mother, got in beside the new mum to help as she made the final leg of her journey.

“He was crying, so we phoned an ambulance just before we got up to the hospital to let them know that we were coming,” Robert said.

On arrival, the 32-year-old added: “The doctors were surprised - they couldn’t understand how everything was so well. They thought it was fantastic, they couldn’t understand why everybody was so calm.”

As for their “impatient” 7lb 12 bundle of joy, dad said he now home: “Happy and content, he’s sleeping and feeding and everything. “He’s taking everything in his stride.”

While mum Sharon “is 100%” said proud husband Robert.