Crutches and wheelchairs found in Mid Ulster skips

VITAL medical aids such as wheelchairs and crutches have been discovered in skips in the Mid Ulster area by members of the public.

According to Mid Ulster MLA Ian McCrea, a considerable number were retrieved from various locations across the area.

The DUP councillor said: “I was extremely concerned when I was informed of the growing trend of hospital owned crutches and wheelchairs were being thrown out after use instead of being returned to the hospitals.”

And he encouraged anyone that has recovered following the use of crutches and wheelchairs, to please return them to their local hospital.

“Over the last number of months it has come to light that hospital owned equipment is being discovered by members of the public in skips across Mid Ulster.

“At a time when department budgets are under pressure, it is very disappointing to hear that people are throwing away hospital property,” said Councillor McCrea.

“I would encourage anyone who no longer needs the assistance of hospital crutches and wheelchairs to please return them to their local hospitals so other patients can make use of this essential equipment,” said the DUP MLA.

The Mid Ulster Mail asked the Northern Trust to comment on what happens to equipment which has been returned under such circumstances and what had happened to the items which had been retrieved.

However at the time of going to press, the Trust had not replied.