Health Fair at Cookstown’s Hub a huge success

Fair organiser Donna Arrell with Martin McCann and Eugene O'Goan from Tipsa
Fair organiser Donna Arrell with Martin McCann and Eugene O'Goan from Tipsa

Health and welfare organisations from across Mid Ulster were on hand to give advice at a Health Fair in the Hub.

Organised by Donna Arrell, a project manager for Niamh, and involving an array of health and wellbeing groups, children’s charities, local businesses and public services, Monday’s event gave local people the chance to see what help is out there, should they need it.

Nipsa and Breakthru were on hand to advise folks about the dangers of abusing alcohol and drugs, whilst charities such as Mindwise, Miamh Louise, Lifeline, Barnardo’s were available to advise on mental health and grief counselling.

Cancer Focus, along with a model 5lb lump of fat, advised those who attended what they could do to help prevent themselves getting cancer, and the health checks they offer.

The PSNI’s PC Seamus Doone was there to advise locals on dangers they should be aware of, and the preventative steps they could take to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

CWSAN, Make a Change, Citizens Advice Bureau, Praxis and Theresa Hill & Cookstown Community Rural Transport also had representatives there to inform the public about what they could do to make life easier.

And Bronagh Murtagh from Complimentary Therapies helped patrons to relax with Indian head massage, while McMahon’s butchers provided complimentary stew for all those present.

“Everybody that’s here today is involved in physical or mental health somewhere in the Cookstown area,” organiser Donna Arrell said.

“We’re here today to promote mental health and wellbeing in Cookstown.

“We want to raise awareness of what we do within Niamh and within the Beacon Centre.

“We want people to know that if they are suffering with mental health problems that there is help out there, and if people are suffering with physical problems that affects their mental health there is also help out there.”

“Everybody here today, is here for the same reason — to promote the health and wellbeing of everybody in the area.”