Police shocked at rise in drink and drugs driving arrests in Cookstown

The has been an alarming rise in the number of people caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Cookstown over the last 12 months according to the latest figures from the PSNI.

From January to September this year, there were 65 arrests in Cookstown for drink and drugs driving, which is significantly higher [30 per cent] than the 50 people arrested for the same period in the previous year [2013].

A police officer holding a breath test kit

A police officer holding a breath test kit

Chief Inspector Jane Humphries said: “I am shocked and disappointed that despite our warnings, there are still people who completely disregard the safety of themselves and others by continuing this shameful, stupid and incredibly dangerous practice.

“Every year across Northern Ireland, drinking and driving kills, maims and wrecks families. Police will not tolerate people who insist on driving after having taken drugs or drink. We are again appealing for all motorists to consider the consequences of their actions.

“We’re also appealing to passengers - Think about the consequences to yourself and your family of being involved in a serious collision. How would you feel if your selfish actions resulted in you or one of your family being paralysed? How would you feel if some innocent person was killed?”

Chief Inspector Humphries added: “Already this year, 68 people have been killed in collisions on roads across Northern Ireland. I do not want police officers knocking on any more doors this year, to tell families that a loved one has been killed in a collision.

“We are appealing for everyone to support our campaign and stay safe on the roads. Everyone has the responsibility to wear a seatbelt, reduce their speed, take greater care and attention, and NEVER, EVER, DRINK AND DRIVE . ”