Shift work risk

A LEADING health charity is urging employers in Cookstown to offer health assessments to shift workers, after research found a link between working anti-social hours and heart attack or stroke.

In the largest analysis of its kind, published in, international assessors looked at 34 separate studies involving more than 2m people worldwide. Night shift work was associated with a 41% increase in coronary events.

Shift work in general (including nights, evening work and other working schedules) was associated with a 23% increase in heart attacks, a 24% rise in coronary events and a 5% increase in strokes.

Now, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke is calling on employers to introduce screening programmes and offer health advice to identify and treat risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other early warning signs of heart problems.

For more information on the NICHS Health Assesements available for any employer or organisation in Cookstown call 028 9032 0184 or visit the website