Hear the stories of the lime industry in Moneymore

The lime project will provide a fascinating insight into the industry in Moneymore.
The lime project will provide a fascinating insight into the industry in Moneymore.

Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership is starting its Stories of Lime Project.

A short training course to collect stories and an afternoon of sharing stories of the lime and quarry industry has been organised. These will be held on Monday, February 8 in Moneymore’s Manor House.

The training course will help people to develop the tools to gather the stories and memories of the lime industry that will soon be lost as the industry fades in people’s memories.

Over a cup of tea participants will have the opportunity to chat and share stories and memories.

“It is a fun way to make sure that stories are told and recorded,” explained Stéphane Baine, the Sperrins Gateway Landscape Officer. “The lime industry had an impact on the local landscape, people, agriculture and the economy of the area, and yet these stories will soon be lost.”

She explained that through the project - The Story of Lime - it is hoped they can help people record their own family history and discover their heritage.

“We will show them how to garner information from their friends and relatives and use it to celebrate and share their own history,” she said.

The Story of Lime project is funded by the NGO Challenge Fund and administered by Northern Ireland Environment Link.

The £2.2 million NGO Challenge Fund is comprised of funding from Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Department of the Environment, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and monies raised through the Carrier Bag Levy.

For more information about the Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership, their projects and events check out their website www.sperrinsgateway.com, facebook page or contact the Office on 028 7962 8750.