Holy Land bracelet lost in Cookstown


A BRACELET of sentinemental value bought in the Holy Land in 2008 has been lost in Cookstown and the owner is appealing for its safe return.

The woman from Enniskillen was in Cookstown meeting up with former school friends for lunch on Thursday, May 23, but when she returned home she noticed the distinctive handmade bracelet missing.

She is offering a small reward for its safe return and is hoping someone will come forward.

“Around four weeks ago, I was in Cookstown,” she explained. “It’s an annual event and we all wanted to look our best, so I wore a piece of jewellery which I love,” she said

The chunky bracelet is made up of seven or eight differently coloured gemstones, each stone of a different shape, surrounded by a silver band shaped to fit it. It was lost somewhere around the junction of William Street and James Street and has defining characteristics.

The woman explained that the bands are linked together and the bracelet closes with a hook and eye fastening.

“It was designed and made in Israel, where I bought it during an unforgettable trip to the Holy Land. Imagine standing in a place where the Lord Jesus stood, looking over Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives as He did. When I saw the bracelet in the window of a little jeweller’s shop on the day before I left, it just seemed to call out to me to buy it as a perfect reminder of that wonderful trip,” she explained. “The lovely hues of the gemstones seemed to reflect the vibrant colours and strange sights that one finds in that part of the world, and the circle of the bracelet reminded me of the circle of friends I made on the holiday. Even now, five years later, it still has the power to recall for me the sights and the mysticism of the Holy Land,” she added.

The bracelet has a very special meaning and importance for the Fermanagh woman.

“I would dearly love to get it back. If anyone has found it, or knows where it is, I would ask you to please get in touch with me. I won’t ask where it was found, or who found it: I will be only too glad to have it back,” she said.

If anyone knows its whereabouts, please phone Audrey on 028 6632 4650, or 07517 080407.