Honest stranger returned cash-filled wallet in Cookstown

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THE kindness of a complete stranger who returned a wallet containing a large sum of money to its rightful owner in Cookstown, has delighted one local woman.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the MAIL in the hope that the stranger who handed in her husband’s wallet to a veterinary practice in the town, will see how appreciated the gesture was.

“My husband had been to the vet’s practice in Union Street on Tuesday November 12 and dropped his wallet on the street outside afterwards”, the woman explained.

“The wallet contained quite a bit of money and all of the usual cards and things.

“When my husband arrived home, he realised immediately that he had lost the wallet so he got straight on to the phone to the vet’s practice and asked whether they had seen it.

“By that stage, an unknown lady had very kindly handed the wallet into the practice.

“We don’t know the lady’s name but we would like to express our sincere thanks to her for her honesty and kindness.

“We just couldn’t believe that the wallet was handed in with all of the money and cards still inside.

“I suppose it just goes to show you that there are still some very kind and honest people in the world today.

“Unfortunately there are times when a wallet with large sums of cash is found that it might be left with only the cards inside but on this occasion, this lady’s kindness has just overwhelmed us.

“We are very grateful to her for what she did. Also, we would like to thank the vet’s practice for their help in ensuring my husband was reunited with his wallet.”