How the seats were won and lost in Mid Ulster super council election

Election count live
Election count live

The Mid Ulster Mail and Tyrone Times provided up to the minute news from the Meadowbank Arena in Magherafelt, where votes were counted for the new Mid Ulster super council

Midnight: And that’s it folks, the new Mid Ulster Super Council is complete. The party makeup is as follows: Sinn Fein 18 seats, DUP 8 seats, UUP 7 seats, SDLP 6 and Independent 1.

10.35pm Carntogher TEA no-one returned after 1st preference votes.

10.30pm Cookstown DEA complete,SDLP Tony Quinn, UUP Mark Glasgow and DUP Wilbert Buchanan taking the remaining seats.

10,00pm Torrent DEA complete, SDLP Malachy Quinn, UUP Ken Reid and Sinn Fein’s Ronan McGinley and Mickey Gillespe taking remaining seats.

9.40pm Dungannon DEA complete, Kim Ashton DUP, Clement Cutherbertson DUP and Denise Mullan SDLP all elected.

9.30pm Wills Robinson DUP and Robert Mulligan UUP elected into final two seats in Clogher Valley DEA.

9.00pm SDLP’s Deirdre Mayo eliminated from Torrent DEA.

8.20pm SDLP’s Sharon McAleer is elected into the 4th seat in the Clogher Valley DEA.

8.00pm Sinn Fein have another seat with Joe O’Neill voted in Torrent DEA on second count.

7.30pm Torrent first preference votes are in and Sinn Fein’s Linda Dillon has taken the first seat, topping the poll with 1218. Independent candidate Fergal O’Donnell got 667 votes and has been eliminated.

6.15pm First preference vote for Clogher Valley DEA is in and DUP Frances Burton tops the poll. Sinn Fein Sean McGuigan and Phelim GIldernew also elected on first preference votes.

5.20pm Magherafelt DEA is now complete with Sean Clarke- Sinn Fein, Christine McFlynn- SDLP, Darren Totten- Sinn Fein and George Shiels- UUP all elected.

Dominic Molloy- Sinn Fein has been elected to Dungannon DEA.

4.30pm Final seat in Moyola DEA taken by Sinn Fein’s Peter Bateson.

First seat in Magherafelt DEA taken by DUP Paul McLean, with SDLP’s Ross Mitchell eliminated.

4,10pm First count results of Dungannon DEA and two candidates have been elected. Independent candidate Barry Monteith tops the polls with 1458 and Walter Cuddy UUP also elected with 1083

4,00pm Sinn Fein’s Gavin Bell takes 4th seat in Cookstown DEA, on second count.

3,30pm First count of Moyola DEA and four candidates have been elected. Quota- 1235. Bateson SF- 1089, Elattar SF- 1256, Forde DUP- 1370, Kelly SDLP- 1004, McKinney UUP- 1255, O’Neill SF- 1431

So seats for O’Neill, Elatarr, McKinney and Forde with one seat left in Moyola.

3,10pm First count of Cookstown DEA and 3 candidates have been elected, Sinn Fein’s Cathal Mallaghan topped the poll, followed by UUP Trevor Wilson and Sinn Fein’s John McNamee.

3.00pm Third independent candidate for Magherafelt area Hugh McCloy has also been eliminated. Cookstown DEA first count results are imminent.

2.30pm Both Michael Kelly and Robert Kelly independent candidates in Magherafelt DEA have been eliminated. No-one has yet reached quota in Magherafelt DEA.

2.00pm Magherafelt first count results are in and no-one meets election quota. Magherafelt Count: Quota 1164, Clarke SF- 1095, Ferguson TUV- 750, Kelly Ind- 215, Kelly Ind- 231, McFlynn SDLP- 719, McLean DUP- 1106 Mitchell DUP- 627, Niblock SDLP- 362, Shiels UUP- 785, Totten SF- 975. No one elected yet.

1.30pm Cookstown and Magherafelt DEA being counted at present, first stage results expected in next hour or so.

12.30pm: Verification of votes in the Mid-Ulster electoral area almost complete.

Sinn Fein believe the party could struggle to hold two seats in Dungannon with Dee Varsani the candidate likely to lose out. Independent Republican Barry Montieth looks set to top the poll.

The party is more hopeful in the Torrent ward and has polled strongly. In contention to take 4 of the 6 seats.

The Ulster Unionists believe they have maintained their vote in the Cookstown area but too early to say if they can hold their two seats.

11.30am: Verfication of votes in Magherafelt, Cookstown and Dungannon complete.

Verfication of votes in Clogher Valley, Torrent and Carntogher continuing.

First count expected early afternoon.

8am: Votes from across Cookstown, Magherafelt and Dungannon, will be verified before counting can begin.

This process will establish the number of votes, spoiled votes and the number of votes needed for election in each district electoral area