How will Mid Ulster vote in EU referendum?

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The Electoral Commission is encouraging voters in Northern Ireland to make sure they’re ready to take part in the EU Referendum this Thursday [today].

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm and it is essential that voters remember to take a correct form of photographic identification with them to vote.

Without it you won’t be able to vote in the referendum. Acceptable forms of photo ID include: a UK or Irish passport; A UK, Irish, or EEA photographic driving licence; A Translink Senior, 60+, War Disabled or Blind Person’s Smartpass; an electoral identity card.

The total electorate in Northern Ireland for the referendum is 1, 260,955. There will be 1380 ballot boxes used on Thursday across 619 polling places such as schools, church halls and community centres.

Voters can find the location of their polling station on their poll card.

Voters who have misplaced their poll card are reminded that they do not need it to be able to vote, but that they can check where their polling station is online at or by calling the helpline.

Ann Watt, Head of the Electoral Commission in Northern Ireland said: “It’s important that voters are prepared for their trip to the polling station. Remember to bring a correct form of photo ID with you. Without it you won’t be given a ballot paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s out of date – it can still be used on polling day. Staff inside the polling station will be on hand to help.”