In Your Corner comes to Cookstown

IT’S back, it’s live, it’s tackling the issues that matter to local communities and it’s In Your Corner.

Wendy Austin and the In Your Corner team will be in Cooksotwn on Monday March 12 at 7.30pm. Wendy will be joined in studio again by Claire McCollum, visiting each county in Northern Ireland during the six weeks. There is also a new face in the In Your Corner team with award-winning reporter Chris Moore investigating issues on behalf of viewers.

This time the programme will be broadcast live from the heart of communities across Northern Ireland tackling the topics, concerns and problems of local people - no matter how big or how small - whether it’s social, health, financial; a personal matter or an issue that’s affecting the whole community or the entire country.

Viewers can get in touch with the In Your Corner team if they have an issue they’d like investigated - from a minor irritation right through to hard-hitting social topics. Viewers can email:, follow the programme on Facebook or on Twitter: @BBCInYourCorner