Insurance call to Mid Ulster farmers

Sinn Fein MLA Ian Milne.
Sinn Fein MLA Ian Milne.

FARMERS in Mid Ulster are being urged to ensure they have adequate insurance to protect their livestock and property during the severe weather.

Sinn Fein MLA for the area, Ian Milne, said that many local farmers had suffered substantial losses because they were not properly insured.

“When some of these farmers checked against their insurance they found that they had not adequate cover to recoup the damage caused by the storm leaving many farmers out of pocket”, continued Mr Milne.

“Those farmers who were not properly covered still have buildings which have not been repaired and will not be ready to provide shelter this winter.

“I am calling on farmers now to ensure that they have adequate cover for their livestock and out buildings for the winter ahead by contacting their insurance broker so if we have another severe winter they will be covered.”