Inter Church Forum March meeting on BOTHER charity

THERE was a good turn out last Monday to hear Aoibheann Fearon give a talk on an unusual charity called BOTHER.

They work in some of the poorest countries in the world and this applies mainly to the continent of Africa.

Their aim is to raise living standards by improving farming. Farming is by far the most important means of living in these countries. Instead of giving money they give livestock, a cow, a goat ,a sheep a pig or poultry and so on.

Each farmer who has been given an animal has to pass on the first born of this animal to another farmer and then he can do as he wishes with the subsequent progeny; so a chain of increasing animals is set up.

Over the last 22 years it has been proven that this type of help help is a very good way of reducing famine and raising living standards with spin=off to increasing health and education standards as well.

No middle men are involved; the donations go to where they are most needed.