Interested in local Wildlife? Become a voluntary Biodiversity Recorder!

VOLUNTEER Now are looking for a team of participants to to Biodiversity Recorders with in their local council areas. If you are interested in wildlife then come along to our information session on Thursday 25th April in Cookstown to find out more.

Participants would be involved in recording specific species of animals and plants found across the Dungannon/Cookstown and Magherafelt council district areas. Volunteers can get involved in as much or as little recording as they wish, they can conduct the recording in various ways such as thorugh their windows at home or out and about with others as part of an group or event.

Eliza Threlfall,Unlocking Potential Development Officer, Volunteer Now said: “Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and learn more about your local community. This particular opportunity allows people of all walks of life and abilities to get involved as participants can get involved to the level they wish to do so.” If you are interested in attending this event or you are keen to know more about volunteering events coming up then contact Eliza at Volunteer Now on 07585040202 or email