IRA victim’s family ‘insulted and angered’ by SF remarks on murder conviction of Swatragh man

Funeral of John Proctor
Funeral of John Proctor

THE family of RUC officer John Proctor murdered by the IRA in 1981 have said they are ‘insulted and angered’ by the remarks of Sinn Fein MLA Ian Milne over the conviction of Swatragh man Seamus Kearney.

In response to last Thursday’s guilty verdict Sinn Fein’s Ian Milne said the decision to prosecute and convict Seamus Kearney was ‘unnecessary and vindictive’

On Sunday, the TUV revealed they have been asked by June and the Proctor family circle to respond.

“They have been insulted and angered by the remarks of Sinn Fein MLA Ian Milne who called the prosecution “vindictive ,unnecessary and counterproductive,” the statement began.

“At the time of Mr Kearney’s arrest in 2010 Ian Milne said the case was weak, would go no where and was a waste of public money. Last week’s verdict proved Ian Milne wrong.

“The contempt of Milne and his party for the rule of law and judicial process which this case has displayed shows that Sinn Fein are not committed to supporting the courts and the rule of law.

“This conviction showed the folly of the Attorney General’s hurtful comments. If there was an end to all pre 1998 investigations the Proctor family would not have had their day in court and seen justice done.

“While welcoming the life sentence the family circle believed - as should all law abiding people - that it was a travesty of Justice that under the terms of the Belfast Agreement, Seamus Kearney will only spend a maximum of two years in prison for this vile and terrible crime.

“The Agreement was wrong in 1998 and is still wrong in 2013.”