Jail for Moy woman who ‘spat’ at police officers

Trial adjourned at Letterkenny Circuit Court
Trial adjourned at Letterkenny Circuit Court

A Moy woman who ‘spat’ and ‘struck out’ at police officers during an incident last year has been handed down a total prison sentence of six months.

Kate Mongan, 34, of Charlemont Street, Moy was charged with criminal damage, two counts of assault on police and disorderly behaviour relating to an incident on November 22, 2013.

A court was told how police received a call from the defendant saying she had been assaulted at a B&B in Moy.

When police arrived at the scene, the defendant was screaming and shouting and kept running away from police when they tried to speak to her.

Ms Mongan then proceeded to run into the middle of the street causing officers to go and take her back for her own safety. She then lashed out and smashed a window of the B&B before police could stop her.

She was taken by officers to Craigavon Area Hospital where officers attempted to calm her down and restrain her she spat out and proceeded to bite one of the officers. She maintained a struggle with officers and spat out again at another officer.

Police attempted to calm her again and while trying to place limb restraints on her she struck another officer across the face, while she officers tried to place her on a bed in the hospital for her own safety.

When interviewed by police a few days later, Ms Mongan said she could not remember any of the incident and her solicitor told the court she said he had taken an “illicit substance” on the night in question.

District Judge John Meehan told Ms Mongan “it wouldn’t do to describe your behaviour as just erratic and unpleasant, this was highly violent behvaiour and you have a prolific record, with some 54 convictions and disorderly behaviour and alcohol are reoccuring features on your record.”

Judge Meehan sentence Mongan to 1 month in prison for criminal damage, 3 months for each of the assaults on the officers and 2 months for disorderly behaviour, to run concurrent. He also activated a suspended sentence of three months meaning Ms Mongan will serve total of 6 months.