Judge issues ‘old school’ advice to Dungannon fake tan thief

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A judge at Dungannon Magistrates Court told a shoplifter she found it amusing that the defendant had picked the most expensive brand of fake tan to steal from the local Tesco store.

Svetlana Bendikiene, 52, from Brookfield Glen, was spotted on CCTV on the evening of April 17 placing cosmetics into her handbag.

She then paid for other items which were in her basket and left without paying for shampoo, conditioner and fake tan to the value of £34.98.

Observing that Bendikiene’s daughter had been with her on this occasion, District Judge, Bernie Kelly, told the defendant: “This isn’t your first time shopping without money.”

The Judge also imparted some words of advice to the defendant: “This is an old school rehabilitation of the offender: if you can’t afford it, don’t get it.”

Bendikiene was sentenced to a four month suspended prison sentence.