Judge slates ‘appalling conduct’ of man who fled hit-and-run with heavily pregnant driver


A Fivemiletown man left a heavily pregnant woman by the side of the road following a hit-and-run accident at Edendork, a court has heard.

“This is the most anti-social act of any motorist,” District Judge John Meehan told the defendant, 33-year-old Arnold Murray from Cleen Gardens, who pleaded guilty.

“You left another person injured and then drove on - you drove on because it suits you. By driving on you were not co-operating.

“This lady victim was pregnant, had an injured hand and a sore back, and was subjected to a breath test.

“It is appalling conduct.”

The court heard how police were called to the scene of a hit and run accident on Coalisland Road on November 19.

A 34-week pregnant woman was being treated by ambulance staff for an injured hand and sore back.

She described how a car coming in the opposite direction had hit her car, causing the driver’s side window to smash.

The injured party said that the vehicle had carried on in the opposite direction.

Mr Fintan McAleer, defending, told the court that it was getting dark when his client’s wing mirror struck that of the injured party. He stated that he couldn’t stop because of traffic behind him.

“It seems that her mirror then impacted with her window and that is what smashed it.

“It seems that the police contacted his insurer and they contacted him and they brokered an enquiry.”

He further stated that the defendant’s licence was essential to him as he was due to start a new job this week having been made redundant earlier in the year.

Judge Meehan handed down fines totalling £600 for failure to report an accident, failure to remain at the scene of an accident, and failure to stop where an accident occurred.

He further banned Murray from driving for nine months and imposed a £15 offender’s levy.