Kearney ready for Mid-Ulster planning challenges

Martin Kearney
Martin Kearney

SDLP Councillor for Carntogher, Martin Kearney, has been selected as the first

Chair of the Planning Committee of the new Mid Ulster Council.

Cllr Kearney took on the role of Chair of the Planning Committee at the inaugural meeting of the Mid-Ulster Council.

Speaking afterwards, Cllr Kearney said, “It is a great honour to be the first Chair of the Planning Committee of the new Mid-Ulster Council.

“This is a new era of local government, with wider local powers and greater


“As Chair of Planning I will seek maximum transparency and openness for the new planning process in Mid-Ulster to ensure local accountability for the

decisions made.

“It is an exciting opportunity to deliver for our community, to develop new

relationships in planning for the future. I am ready for the challenge of ensuring that the new planning system is efficient, effective and fair.

“It is imperative that all political representatives understand the scale of the

responsibility these new powers come with. We are now the guardians of the

character and the nature of our local areas.

“SDLP councillors will ensure that the new powers and responsibilities are exercised with fairness and equality for all.

“We will not allow any political party to abuse the trust placed in them by the

public through the democratic process.

“The SDLP is committed to achieving delivery and progress for all in our society.”