Kennedy announces new pedestrian crossings in Cookstown and Stewartstown

Puffin Crossing
Puffin Crossing

REGIONAL Development Minister Danny Kennedy has announced work is set to begin on two £25,000 schemes to provide pedestrian crossings at Hillhead Road, Stewartstown and Orritor Street, Cookstown.

Work will begin at Main Street, Stewartstown, on Tuesday 1 October and at Orritor Street, Cookstown on Monday 7 October to provide new Pedestrian User Friendly Intelligent (PUFFIN) crossings. Both are expected to be completed within one week.

The most significant differences between Puffin and Pelican crossings are that Puffins have the request button beside the pedestrian and there are no flashing amber signals for pedestrians. Drivers are held at a red signal until pedestrians have completed their crossing.

Danny Kennedy said: “These new Puffins will deliver enhanced pedestrian safety and traffic flow features.

“Puffin Crossings are safer for pedestrians at some locations. They are of particular benefit to more vulnerable road users such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

“One of the many benefits of Puffin crossings is that the time provided for pedestrians to cross the road is managed using sensors that detect people still on the crossing.

“Drivers will also benefit. Should a pedestrian push the button and move away, the demand for a traffic light change is cancelled, so reducing driver delays.”

The new crossings will provide a safer crossing for shoppers and visitors at both Hillhead Road, Stewartstown and Orritor Street, Cookstown and it will assist pedestrians who are currently experience difficulty crossing the street at these locations.

Roads Service has carefully programmed the works operations and traffic management arrangements in order to minimise any inconvenience to the public, however motorists should be aware that some minor delays may be expected.