Killeen man called constable a ‘black b*****d’ while holding up traffic at Easter Rising Commemoration

Court news
Court news

A Killeen man who held up traffic after refusing to follow police directions at an Easter Rising commemoration has been found guilty of disorderly behaviour.

Kevin O’Neill, 29, from Lakeview Park, was fined £250 after his conviction at a contest at East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Police reported how they were manning a traffic control area on Annagher Road at the 1916 centenary event in Coalisland on March 27 when a VW Passat driven by the defendant approached their position.

O’Neill demanded to be allowed through and refused to follow the signs directing traffic. Behind his vehicle, traffic was held up.

They reported that he began berating the officers about abusing his human rights and that he recorded the whole affair on a dash cam device.

He was heard by one officer to call one constable a ‘black b***ard’. “He was warned about his conduct and was asked to park a short distance away,” said Mr Noel Dillon, defending.

“He was then asked for his licence which he didn’t have.

“Up to this point... his comments did not amount to disorderly behaviour.

“The officer himself did not hear the abuse... and there was no repeat of the bad language.”

During proceedings, Mr O’Neill declined the opportunity to give evidence.

Handing down his sentence, District Judge John Meehan stated: “It is not about his using a remark with obscenity.

“It is disorderly because it could have had the effect of inspiring others to disorder.

“The male repeated his statement that he was being discriminated against because he had been attending the commemoration.

“This was a sensitive time in sensitive circumstances. He sought to provoke, to inspire a response.

“He is a victim for what? For being asked to take a different exit?

“Other people might have been provoked or motivated by those remarks. He used technology to pursue this provocative behaviour.

“He was of the view that he was right and everyone else was wrong and that he didn’t have to respect anyone.

“In the end it is rather pathetic... he needs to grow up.”