Knocked victim unconscious in nightclub carpark


The highly unusual decision to view CCTV footage of an attack outside a Cookstown nightclub, was taken in the case of a young man who was seen to knock his victim unconscious before taunting him as he lay on the ground.

Dungannon Magistrates Court Judge, Paul Conway, ordered the video clip to be played while considering the case of Justin Madden, 21, from Moyagoney Road in Portglenone.

The video, recorded on March 9, showed Madden knock another male unconscious with a single punch in the carpark of Sense nightclub in Cookstown.

Madden was then seen to punch the victim another two times, before shouting something at the victim as he lay on the ground.

Defending, Madden’s lawyer said his client felt “total and utter shame and disgust” following the incident, and that he had been made well aware of the potential consequences of so-called “one punch cases”.

Deputy District Judge Conway ordered Madden to spend an hour in the cells of the court before making a ruling. Madden received a nine month suspended prison term and was ordered to pay his victim £1,000 compensation.