Lambeg hoax condemned

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A LOCAL councillor condemned those who left a suspicious object outside the Lambeg house of a man in his 80s on Monday evening.

The object had been left on a window ledge of the pensioner’s house in the Glenmore area and was noticed by a passerby.

Residents were forced to leave their homes in freezing weather to take shelter in a nearby civic centre.

Army technical officers were called to examine the suspicious object at the house but it was later declared a hoax. Residents returned to their homes after 1am on Tuesday.

DUP assembly member Paul Givan condemned those responsible for leaving the object.

He did not believe that the incident was sectarian but had said that he had received complaints about anti social behaviour in the area in the past.

He said it was outrageous that in freezing temperatures people were forced to leave their homes and stay in a nearby centre until they were allowed to return.

Mr Givan said that it caused unnecessary disruption

He went on, “There can be no justification for leaving this device. It is threatening the lives of people and causing disruption to local residents particularly elderly people.

“It is outrageous that, in this freezing weather, they are forced to be moved from their homes to the nearby civic centre whilst the police had to deal with this situation.

“The community rightly want to see those responsible for this criminal act brought to justice. Anyone with information about the incident should help the police.”