‘Last post’ to sound for Magherafelt’s Union flag

Magherafelt flagpole
Magherafelt flagpole

After years of arguing in the council chamber the Union flag looks set to disappear from the Magherafelt skyline.

The last post is expected to be sounded early next year when the town’s multi-million pound public realm scheme 
gets started.

The flag pole in the Diamond roundabout is understood to have been erected by the District’s Orange Order 
several years ago.

But it has no place in Mid Ulster Council’s public realm scheme which was recently carried by members of the planning committee with no one voicing opposition.

The only objection came from the Orange Order, who complained in a letter to planners that the flag pole was missing from the revamped town centre.

No one from the Orange Order wanted to make a 

However, planners have left the issue ‘hanging in the air’, pointing out in their assessment that the matter could be “resolved outside of this application in that if it was to be retained in its current position no consent would be needed”.

They go on to suggest: “If it was to be relocated or depending upon the position sought it could be dealt with either as a minor amendment to this permission or the subject of a 
separate application.”

Nationalists had been calling for the removal of the flag pole in order to create a shared space in the town centre.

From next year the centre of the roundabout will be occupied by a concrete plinth for feature artwork with natural sandstone around it.

The roundabout itself will be known as ‘The Three Spires Roundabout’ and will be finished around the permeter with a small natural sandstone unit and amenity 
shrub planting.