Latest: Horses stranded on island by Toome floods ‘OK’ says vet

CRS volunteer feeding a Shetland pony
CRS volunteer feeding a Shetland pony

A vet and animal welfare officers have been to see the 13 horses that were stranded on a Lough Neagh island due to rising flood waters.

It is understood the 10 live animals have been inspected, with nothing found to be wrong with them.

A spokesperson for Mid Ulster Council said: “I can confirm that animal welfare officers, and a vet, have been in contact with the owner, inspected the remaining horses and are satisfied that nothing is wrong.

“The cause of death of the other horses has not yet been verified.”

A Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said: “At the request of council, we were involved in a special service call this morning (February 5) to transport a vet and two Animal Welfare Officers on one of our specialists rescue boats used for flooding, to Church Island, Bellaghy area of Magherafelt, to tend to a number of horses who had become stranded due to flooding. No additional action was taken by Fire Crews.”