Latest: Man arrested after crash that saw PSNI helicopter tasked near Stewartstown

PSNI helicopter
PSNI helicopter

A 21-year-old man was arrested by police on Wednesday evening following a road traffic collision that saw the PSNI helicopter tasked near Stewartstown.

It is understood that the young man was questioned last night on suspicion of failing to stop and remain at the scene, or report a collision on the Coagh Road.

He has since been released from police custody.

The PSNI have said their helicopter was involved because of extensive damage to the vehicle, and fears “that someone may have been seriously injured and may have staggered away from the immediate scene”.

They used the helicopter’s heat seeking equipment to establish whether this was the case.

Inspector Daniel Walsh said: “Police arrested a 21 year old man on suspicion of failing to stop, remain and report an RTC following a road traffic collision on the Coagh Road, Stewartstown yesterday evening, Wednesday, 25 February.

“He has been released on bail pending further police enquiries.”