Latest: Paramilitaries send bullet as threat against foreign nationals in Dungannon


Ulster Unionist Assembly Member for Mid-Ulster, Sandra Overend, has condemned the threats issued by apparent loyalist paramilitaries in Dungannon, as bullets are sent to local newspaper.

Mrs Overend commented: “I am shocked to hear that bullets were sent in the post to the Tyrone Courier in an apparent threat against foreign nationals, following anti-social behaviour in Dungannon.

“These threats by apparent loyalist paramilitaries are completely needless, and only serve only to spread fear and intimidation within the Dungannon Community, creating unnecessary division and hostility, and I condemn them utterly.

“If these people have legitimate concerns surrounding anti-social behaviour, the best course of action would have been to contact the PSNI, who are best placed to deal with these complaints. No individual or group should try to take the law into their own hands in these circumstances.

“These threats would have been distressing for the editor and staff at the Tyrone Courier, and my thoughts are with them at this time. No-one should have to deal with this sort of intimidation at any workplace.

“I have spoken to the police about this matter, who have informed me that they are taking the threats seriously, and will be investigating them fully.”