Leading flag protester a surprise candidate in Mid-Ulster by-election?

Jamie Bryson
Jamie Bryson

MID-ULSTER may have a surprise candidate in the forthcoming by-election – in the shape of leading flag protestor Jamie Bryson.

Victims campaigner Willie Frazer says he may consider stepping aside as a contender for the Westminster seat to allow the 22 year-old loyalist to run.

The former FAIR director says the young Donaghadee man, who is the interim chair for the Ulster People’s Forum (UPF), has the “capability” to run in the forthcoming election, and could be his replacement.

Meanwhile the UUP says it will run a candidate in the Mid-Ulster by-election - but only if the DUP also run.

A party spokesperson told the MAIL: “If the DUP stand a candidate in Mid-Ulster, the Ulster Unionist Party will be standing a candidate.”

“The electorate will have an opportunity to vote for someone with Ulster Unionist values.”

More on both stories in Thursday’s Mid-Ulster Mail.