Legal chief calls for end to Troubles prosecutions

Attorney General, John Larkin
Attorney General, John Larkin

Prosecutions over Troubles-related atrocities should end, the legal adviser to the Northern Ireland Executive has said.

According to the BBC, the Attorney General for NI John Larkin said there should be no further police investigations, inquests or inquiries into any relevant killings that took place before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

Mr Larkin said there was little realistic possibility of successful prosecutions taking place.

“I have had conversations with people in that very position, I’ve drawn attention to the logic of the existing legislation and I have also drawn attention to the extreme improbability of criminal proceedings ever taking place,” he said.

“What I have found in those circumstances is a huge hurt, but also a huge comprehension of the broader dimensions of this problem.”

Mr Larkin, who has made a submission to the talks process chaired by Dr Haass, said he believed he had a duty to stimulate debate on how society deals with the legacy of the past.

“Of course, the question of whether the law changes is not for me, that’s for the politicians,”