‘Let me see the map....’

THERE is a magic about maps which no amount of ‘sat nav’ can destroy.

From the treasure map on which ‘X marks the spot’ to the Ordnance Survey charts with their colours and symbols, maps are a record of how we have tamed the landscape and shaped it through the years.

There will be an opportunity on Monday 24th October to share this enthusiasm for maps with like-minded

souls. The first event of the new season in the Stewartstown Local History Society’s year is a celebration

of local maps and documents which the society has collected over the years and which members and friends will

surely look forward to seeing. Those who come along to the Crieve Centre on Monday 25th for 8,00 pm are, of course,

invited to bring along their own special documents - regardless of how dog-eared or tatty they may be - and

let the rest of us share a glimpse of them.

The programme of talks for the new season will also be available on the night, and topics include farming, archaeology, the Giants’ Causeway, women’s history, and lots, lots more. Come along and enjoy ...