Local fire crews take 10 minutes to reach emergency

FIRE crews from Magherafelt Station took an average of 10 minutes to reach emergency incidents, new figures have revealed.

Findings from an investigation into call out times at fire stations across Northern Ireland showed that in nearby Cookstown, the average response time was 11 minutes, while in Belfast the average time was just 4 minutes

Both Magherafelt and Cookstown fire stations performed much better than Pomeroy station which had an average time of 18 minutes to reach an emergency.

During 2011 and 2012, Magherafelt fire crews attended a total of 448 incidents.

The total number of fires in the area was 174.

Meanwhile, in Cookstown, fire fighters were called to 525 emergency incidents during the same period.

There were 265 fires in all during this time.

Pomeroy Fire Station recorded one of the longest average response times throughout Northern Ireland, at 18 minutes, with crews attending 207 incidents during 2011 and 2012.

The total number of fires was 140.