Local music festival shares in Arts Council funding

GLASGOWBURY Music Festival is among a number of organisations to share in £13.6 million worth of funding from the Arts Council over three years.

Awards have been made to 109 arts organisations across Northern Ireland to cover running costs and programming through the Arts Council’s Annual Funding Programme.

The Glasgowbury event in Magherafelt and Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann are among 15 new clients to receive the funding.

Last year the Arts Council redesigned its Annual Funding Programme to provide better support to the sector during the challenging public funding situation in order to provide greater stability for clients as they forward plan.

The Annual Funding Programme streamlines public funds from DCAL with the National Lottery income in a single annual application process, offering arts organisations a simpler “one-stop-shop” approach to funding.

Bob Collins, Chairman of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, commented, “The Arts Council funding announced represents a major investment of public money in securing the availability of a wide range of arts activities to everybody in Northern Ireland.

“In difficult economic times, it is a statement of real confidence and of real commitment to the importance of the arts for everybody. Expanding access to the arts and ensuring that real efforts are made to bring the arts to all are key priorities for the Arts Council.

“This is how the value of the arts can be enjoyed by everyone and how their potential for enriching people’s lives and promoting the economy can be fully realised.”