Locals among most stressed at Christmas

Make sure you don't get stressed this Christmas
Make sure you don't get stressed this Christmas

Feeling stressed out by Christmas? Well you’re not alone. Recent research has shown that people in Northern Ireland spend less time relaxing and enjoying themselves over Christmas than anywhere else in the UK.

The research, carried out by Direct Line suggests that 7 per cent of people in Northern Ireland admit to spending absolutely no time relaxing on Christmas Day.

Eager to give customers more Christmas security, the insurer have promised to provide a temporary home contents uplift for the Christmas period.

Katie Lomas, Head of Direct Line Home Insurance said: “Many people forget to review the value of their home contents, which may have increased over the Christmas period. That’s why Direct Line provides an automatic temporary 10 per cent uplift in cover for home contents and 20 percent for its Home Plus customers.”

They have also offered some top tips to help people stay on top of their festive stress.

1. Scrap the advent calendar – whilst this is just an innocent Christmas countdown for kids, for parents or hosts, it serves as a daily reminder of just how quickly Christmas is coming around and this can put extra, unnecessary pressure on you.

2. Don’t attempt the ‘perfect meal’- Just think of it as a regular roast dinner and try to relax. The company and the conversations are what people remember most about the day, not the gravy.

3. Pace the presents - Save some presents for after your Christmas lunch - it’s often the time of day when the kids are getting tired and this allows you to get the washing up/tidying done in peace whilst the kids play with whatever arrived in the “second round”