Locals kicking up a stink as Mid Ulster tops Northern Ireland’s smelliest list

Phew... What A Pong! Mid-Ulster leads the way for odour complaints in NI
Phew... What A Pong! Mid-Ulster leads the way for odour complaints in NI

Almost half of all complaints about bad smells were made by Mid Ulster folk, according to the latest statistics.

In the last three years and across the entire country, 473 complaints were received by the Industrial Pollution and Radiochemical Inspectorate (IPRI) of NIEA due to malodorous smells annoying residents.

Of those complaints 215 came from this region, leaving Mid Ulster with the unenviable claim to the title of stinkiest place in the country.

In March the Mail also reported on Mid Ulster’s dirtiest road, see the video here.

The figures mean that 45.5 per cent of all odour grumbles were made here.

In the same period not one complaint was made in Fermanagh and Omagh Council while just three apiece were made in Belfast and the Causeway Coast.

In 2013 alone Mid Ulster had 102 complaints about noxious whiffs which was higher in one year than nine of the other ten council areas’ totals in three years.

The worst offenders regulated by the IPRI were businesses based in Cookstown and Dungannon. One business in Cookstown received 116 complaints over the three years 2013-15.

“For sites regulated by IPRI, the most common reasons for complaints about odours, in all areas including Mid Ulster, relate to effluent treatment plants and rendering activity,” said a spokesman for IPRI.

Mid Ulster figures marginally lower in the rankings relating to complaints over dust pollution.

In the last three years the IPRI had six complaints about the quality of the air in this region.

The six complaints were made about just two businesses in the council area with five being made about a single company in the Cookstown area with another in Kildress.

In total there were 56 complaints received by NI Environment Agency with people from the Causeway Coast and Glens Council area being the most vociferous in their objections to dust pollutants. They had twice the number of complaints as did Mid Ulster. Newry, Mourne and Down Council had the second highest number of complaints.